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Local Missions
The Hands On Missions Group leads and coordinates a ministry by women to give of their time, abilities, and to touch people with the love of Christ through direct service. The focus is to help within the church, the local community, and in the world. To meet physical needs and share God's love. As an example, the group might arrange for a speaker to talk about a family need, such as addressing aspects of foster care within the community, and invite church attendees and community members to attend the presentation and to share issues. The Group has the desire to be Jesus' hands and feet in our community and beyond. 
State Missions
We are proud to partner with Bland Ministry Center.
Foreign Missions
We are in partnership with the Voice of Hope Ministries.
The Speigle's Ministries
John and Vanessa Speigle and family have spent 8 years in Nicaragua as missionaries in addition to two years of preparatory trips. They have made a difference in so many lives while serving, but God has called them back to the USA to continue their ministry in Georgia.
Please keep them in prayer for a smooth transition back to life here in the States. 
Contact John Speigle at his personal email if you have questions: 
Mercy House
Mercy House is a complete support and educational program for families affected by homelessness.
The Claboughs at JMU
There are nearly 20,000 students enrolled at James Madison University (JMU) who need to be reached with the truth of Scripture, taught its application in daily life, and given the opportunity to become a follower of Jesus. Brian and Joan Clabough serve as missionaries to the JMU campus.
For more information:
- Contact Brian Clabough
- Visit the Clabough's website
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