The worship at West Side exists first to glorify God and secondly to serve the church. Here’s how this works: We first glorify God, which means that everything we do and sing and play is run through the filter of whether it is done for man’s glory or benefit or ultimately for God’s. Second, we must ask whether what we do is serving the church or fulfilling an image from elsewhere. What this ultimately means is that the worship of West Side is not what is done on a stage, but what is done among the congregation. When you come to worship, it is not “at” West Side, but with West Side.
So what is it like? There have and are and will be great songs that teach theology and stir the affections well, and because of this we see no need to throw out good songs that we truly need to be singing, whether they were written 200 years ago or 2 days ago. It is for that reason that you will hear hymns of old right next to songs written very recently. Stylistically, there is never one particular sound we aim for as the music and sound itself is shaped by the people God has brought together at the church.
Finally, the worship ministry is not the focus of our gatherings on Sunday, but rather facilitate the preaching of the word and the ministry of God’s people. 
The worship team works to serve the church through songs and readings and various creative means to communicate God’s word and theology in a rich, meaningful way. Our aim is to think rightly and feel deeply as we explore the themes and teachings of scripture through music. If you would like to be a part of the worship team, please contact our Worship Ministry Coordinator. We are always looking for people who would like to be a part of the worship team through vocals, instruments or even helping with media or technology. If you are not sure about committing to regularly getting up in front of the congregation, we are always looking for special music, offertories or even preludes. Just let us know how you might enjoy!
Maybe your thing is behind the scenes. Are you a creative who knows something about sound and media? You might consider our tech ministry, which includes the visuals and controlling the sound environment of the church. This ministry cannot be diminished as it is just as crucial to the clear understanding and absorption of God’s word through the preaching and song as anyone on stage. Contact our Worship Ministry Coordinator if this team sounds like a good fit! 
Perhaps your thing is a choir. We have one of those, and we sing every month or so! We prepare choral renditions of scripture that offer God’s truth in a more meditative and contemplative mode. We meet during the school year to practice. Contact our Worship Ministry Coordinator to learn more about this team.