Classes meet Sunday mornings at 9:15 a.m.
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Midlife – 25 to 55

\Through an in-depth Bible study, this class seeks to experience scripture at “heart level” as well as with their minds. They desire to know God better and gain fresh insights into their own identity and mission as followers of Jesus Christ in the 21st century. They seek to encourage one another in pursuing that mission in the opportunities and challenges of everyday living. The age span of this class is 25 to 55, though all are welcome to check us out! They use Lifeway’s Explore the Bible material with a combination of lecture and discussion.

(Steve Stutzman)
Joyful Friends
Just Older Youth – 50 to 80
This class uses David C. Cook Bible in Life material and the method of teaching is discussion. The approximate age span is 50-80 years old, but all are welcome! One teacher remarks, “I think our class is somewhat like the TV show Cheers…’where everybody knows your name.'” Three teachers rotate teaching duties, so a fresh perspective is always available each week!
Empty Nesters – 55 to 65
This class uses curriculum prepared by Smyth & Helwys to search for biblical truths that apply in today’s often conflicted world. Although they attempt at sound biblical conclusions, they often discover that the exact same packages will evoke different responses from their membership. This class is facilitated by one teacher, and they ask really good questions. Most class members are 55-65 with empty nests, but all are welcome! 
Answer Seekers
Wise on the Rise – 60-80

Praying, sharing, and studying the Bible together helps them grow in their faith and knowledge of the Bible. They have four discussion leaders who rotate Sundays. They use Smyth & Helwys’ Connections Series. This class is a mix of classic Bible study and contemporary insight.


Spiritually Unlimited
Retired – 70+
This class uses Lifeway material with a combination of lecture and discussion. The class age average is 70+, though all visitors are welcome to check us out!
Inter-generational – 50 to 99!
This class has members of all ages with most being between 60 and 80 years old, though they welcome visitors of all ages! The teacher furnishes background and contextual information and joins class members in sharing questions and insights based on personal study and experiences. This class uses Smyth & Helwys’ Formation Series for study. Each lesson provides an in-depth focus on a specific scripture text and emphasizes its relevance to life issues.